HSC-based cell therapy

  • 2022/04/13

There are hundreds of biomarkers for human HSCs related to sustained hematopoiesis, and it is very difficult to selectively isolate human LT-HSCs from among them.
Therefore, by combining AI technology and in vitro functional experiments, we identify  biomarkers that can purify human LT-HSCs from hundreds of biomarkers of human HSCs for sustained hematopoiesis and succeeded in concentrating  LT-HSCs.
This technology can be applied not only to LT-HSCs but also to various other rare cells’ identification and isolation, and we are developing next-generation rare cell identification and isolation technology by integrating our proprietary technologies. This will be the fundamental technology which accelerates the understanding of many diseases, including precision medicine and rare and intractable diseases, and the development of therapies  in the future. 
Furthermore, we are developing transplantation methods for the following diseases by culturing and amplifying these concentrated LT-HSCs without differentiation even outside of the body using a culture medium developed by our company (click here for details).